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STARTING TODAY: Baby Proof Your House And Stay Home With Peace Of Mind, Knowing That Your Little Ones Are Safe & Happy!

Are you worried about your curious toddler or crawling baby as their curious fingers may reach dangerous sharp objects and poisonous cleaning products?

Do you often wish that you would not have to clean after the mess your little ones made in the kitchen?

Now You Can: The Complete Child Safety Locks Kit By FantasyProducts Is Here To Ensure That Your Little Angels Will Stay Safe & Sound!

This value pack includes 6 baby proofing magnetic locks and 2 magnetic keys to open them, 3 more flexible latches and 12 replacement 3M adhesive tapes just in case you ever need them!

Installing these safety magnetic locks on cabinets and drawers will keep children away from potentially poisonous or dangerous household products, while you can use the versatile latches for your fridge, toilet seat and everywhere else where your toddler should not have access to!

The adhesive tapes are extra strong and attach securely on your cupboards without requiring screws or drilling that would damage your furniture.

And the best part? The magnetic mechanism is too strong to be opened by your toddler while you can unlock it in seconds using the magnetic keys!

Keep Your Little Explorers Happy & Your House Neatly Organized!

With these safety straps you don’t have to chase your toddler around, trying to stop them from touching any dangerous item!

What’s more? Having secured what your child should not reach, you won’t have to tidy up the whole house that your little curious explorer would possible overrun!

Better Safe Than Sorry, Right?  Order Today!

  • SAFETY COMES FIRST: When your little ones start taking their first steps, it’s time to turn your house into a safe environment for them. With these smart magnetic safety locks and latches you can effectively protect your child from choking hazard or from accessing any dangerous household items, like chemical cleaners, medicines, sharp objects or various appliances.
  • A COMPLETE BABY-PROOFING KIT: Make sure that your baby or toddler is safe by securing cabinets, appliances, drawers, refrigerator, trash bin, toilet seat and more. With these incredibly handy safety straps and magnets you can also keep your stuff neatly organized as your curious child cannot reach it. Note also that as the magnets are super strong, this safety locks kit is perfect even for babies or even toddlers over 3 years old!
  • HASSLE FREE INSTALLATION: Thanks to the heavy-duty 3M adhesive tapes that the magnetic locks and the latches feature, you can install all these child safety cabinet locks super fast and easy. No screws or drilling required! However, if you don’t like it this way or you are looking for a more permanent solution you can also drill them on your furniture; it’s up to you!
  • INVISIBLE LOCKS THAT KEEP YOUR FURNITURE ESTHETIC: These safety cupboard magnetic locks attach in the inner part of your cupboards or drawers, and they are completely invisible! Unlike most bulky child-proofing straps, these magnetic locks will not cause any damage (marks or holes) to your furniture, ensuring that they will still look great! And the best part? They open only with the magnetic keys provided so that your toddlers will stay away from your cupboards while you can still have easy access to your stuff!
  • AMAZING VALUE PACK & FREE E-BOOK: This value pack includes 6 magnetic locks and 2 magnetic keys for your cupboards, 3 latches for toilet seat and more, and 12 bonus M3 Tapes to prolong the life of your safety locks! FantasyProducts also offers you a FREE e-book on baby safety, ensuring that your little ones will stay safe and sound!